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Abroad, the best centers of all the aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive operations carried out with success. Patient satisfaction of primary condition to consider. Patients who receive each issue in collaboration with your doctor to ensure conscious lendirip no doubt some decisions necessary for the success of operations.

Applying advanced operation techniques. All operations and attempts are realizing a full-fledged modern hospital environment. Evaluate the current state of the rate of profit and loss for the patient and the person is better able to satisfy the conditions of operation suggest the patient. Success criterion is proportional to the ability of the people happy.

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Breast Reduction

Reason of Application: This operation is applied when breasts grow excessively due to hormonal disorder or giving birth. The only possible way to solve the problem of excessively-grown breasts is to apply an operation, not the use of drugs or hormones which fail to enhance or reduce the size. During the operation, not only is [...]

Breast Augmentation

Reasons of Application: Breast augmentation is a surgery applied to locate prostheses called “silicone implants” under the breast tissue or muscle. It is applied in the following cases: •    to enlarge the breast size if a female patient finds her breasts too small •    to increase the breast volume that diminishes after pregnancy •    to [...]

Breast Lift

Reasons of Application: Breast lifting is applied when breasts loosen due to pregnancy, age, weight loss, hormones, and gravity. Method of Operation: The surgery is done by making two incisions in order to obtain maximum efficiency, thus accurate breast measurement and pre-surgery drawings are of great importance. The nipple and the breast tissue location determine [...]

Breast Reconstruction

Reason of Application: When a woman’s breast is removed due to cancer or other reasons, psychological disorders or even depression might arise only to affect an individual’s personal, domestic, and sexual relations. Breast reconstruction can reverse this situation because it is possible to reconstruct breasts by using natural tissue (such as muscle skin or fat [...]


Reason of Application: Gynecomastia is the presence of breast tissue in males as in the females. It may occur as a result of drugs, metabolic disorders, or hormonal disorder. There are three types of Gynecomastia: Glandular Fatty glandular Simple fatty The presence of real breast tissue causes abnormal growth of the breast in the glandular [...]

Nose Surgery

Reason of Application: Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery done to re-shape the nose. The size, the tip, the nostrils, the naso-labial angle, any nasal deviations, or the bridge can be changed during the surgery. The aim is to re-construct the nose so as to make it fit the face. Planning the Operation: The doctor asks [...]


Reason of Application: Facelift is a method used to fight against the effects of aging. The excess skin that has lost its elasticity is cut off so as to give the patient a younger look. The operation does not stop aging but helps people look younger. The method is mostly applied to patients who are [...]

Forehead Lift

Reason of Application: The reason of applying forehead lift is to prevent the formation and deepening of lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, and the descent of the natural hairline. The method is mostly applied to patients who are above 40. Method of Operation: There are two basic methods:  the classical [...]

Eye Brow Lift

Reason of Application: It is applied to patients who are not pleased with the shape of their eyebrows. Method of Operation: There are two methods: the classical method and the “hanging” method. The hanging method is more commonly-used because the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient does not go through any difficulties. [...]

Eye Lid Lift

Reason of Application: The operation is applied in order to lift the sagging eyelid which loses flexibility due to gravity, aging, genetic heritage, smoking etc. It is basically removing the excess fat and sagging muscles from the upper and lower eyelids. The amount of tissue to be removed must be determined carefully. Method of Operation: [...]

Lip Surgery

Reason of Application: The lip surgery is applied in cases of inborn lip deformations, disproportionality, or lack of clear lip contours. It also applied to erase the wrinkles around the lips. The aim is to obtain proportional, fuller, and firm-looking lips. Method of Application: The surgery is basically tissue and fat transplantation. The materials used [...]

Chin Surgery

Reason of Application: The chin surgery is applied in cases of inborn, traumatic, and/or developmental deformations. These deformations lead to dental, orthodontic, functional, and aesthetic problems which affect one’s psychology. Method of Operation: In most cases, the patient is required to have a prior orthodontic treatment during infancy or adolescence. The surgeon carefully plans the [...]

Ear Surgery

Reason of Application: The ear surgery is applied in cases of problems concerning the size, shape, and proportions of the ears. The surgery is usually applied for correcting prominent ears which result from insufficient development of ear folds or oversized cartilages. Method of Operation: The tissue on the back of the ear is incised in [...]

Chemical Peeling

Reason of Application: The skinappearance can be enhanced by removing the topmost layer of skin which is damaged by lesions, acne marks, sunspots, uneven pigmentation, and other abnormalities. Method of Operation: The most common peeling agent used for surface peeling is a group of acids called Alfa Hydroxyacids (AHA) which is naturally found in fruit. [...]


Reason of Application: Lipofilling is an operation of filling up facial features with one’s own body fat instead of using a chemical fillings or implants. This is a highly efficient procedure as produces natural results. The skin looks younger, smoother, and more vibrant. Method of Operation: The fat used for transfer is extracted from any [...]

Facial implants

Reason of Application: Carefully chosen implants make it possible to change the balance and the shape of the face. It is possible to re-construct the nose, chin, and cheeks. The post-surgery look can be planned by the help of computer programs. Method of Operation: The chosen implants are located to their place via the incisions [...]

Applications of Injected Filling Materials

Reason of Application: It is applied in order to eliminate the facial wrinkles and fine lines formed by mimics, to acquire a younger and more vibrant look, to enhance the lips, to camouflage the scars and to make the hands look younger. The most common filling materials are the fat tissues taken from the patient [...]

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery

Reason of Application: The cuts are smaller in endoscopic operations in aesthetics. The possible nerve damage is at a minimum level. Bleeding, ecchymosis, swelling and oedema are rare. You will go back to your normal life in a shorter time than a surgery under general anesthesia. Application: Some surgeries can be done by endoscopic methods. [...]

Abdominoplasty: Mini & Full

Reason of Application: Abdominoplasty treats excess fat in the abdominal area, sagging abdominal skin, and stretch marks. Reasons of Excessive Fat: Excessive and rapid weight gain and loss, weight gain during pregnancy, and genetic heritage are the main reasons of excessive fat in abdominal area. Method of Operation: When the sagging skin is to be [...]


Reason of Application: Liposuction is basically removing excess body fat by vacuum. The areas to be treated are arms, legs, thighs, knees, back, breasts, hips, waist, chin and abdomen. Liposuction is a method used for re-defining the silhouette rather than losing weight. It is widely preferred due to its practicality and results. Method of Operation: [...]

Laser Hair Removal

Lyra-i™ is a long pulse duration Nd: YAG laser and hair removal, vascular lesions and non-ablative skin rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation) is also used with success. A combination of three important process that can successfully single laser. Why to choseLyra ? User space is large Epilation Telangiectasias thin blue veins up to 4-5 mm diameter to [...]

Applications with Laser

Reason of Application: The functions and features of laser use have widened due to rapidly developing technology which facilitates faster and more effective treatments. Laser technology can remove wrinkles, freckles, sun stains, moles, and tattoos. Method of Operation: Laser peeling is applied with the help of carbon dioxide. The skin to be treated is peeled. [...]

Burn Injury and Scar Rehabilitation

Burn Injury and Scar Rehabilitation Reason of Application: Burn injuries and scars can only be treated after the wound is closed entirely and does not bear any roughness and itching. As the wound heals, it might form irregular contours – sometimes as a result of unparallel sutures. Method of Operation: A scar can basically becorrected [...]

Dermabrasion and Derma-Planning

Reason of Application: Such operations are applied for the removal ofdermal abnormalities on the body, stains on the face,acne,wrinkles around the mouth, razor blade marks and burn scars. Method of Operation: The operation is carried out with the help of special equipment that is connected to a motor. The rotating heads of the device correct [...]

Genital Aesthetic Surgery

Men:-Penile implants, Penile surgery Women: Vulvoplasty, Hymenoplasty

Hair and Eyebrow Transplant

Reason of Application: The reasons of hair loss are aging, hormonal changes, and genetic heritage. The sooner it starts, the bigger its impact is. It is more common in men. Other reasons include burning and traumas. In most cases, this problem can be solved with hair transplantation. The truth about hair loss: Hair loss (also [...]

Skin Cancer Treatment

Who gets skin cancer and why? Skin cancer is the most common cancer type in the world. More than 500.000 cases are observed in the USA every year. The skin cancer can be seen at any part of the body, but mostly it is on the face, head, and neck. The main reason is the [...]

Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

Reason of Application: Although the reasons of cleft lip are not definite, the possible factors are genetic heritage, drugs taken during pregnancy, x-rays, stress, traumas, or virus-based diseases, and surplus or deficiency of vitamins. The rate of cleft lip and palate cases is 1/1000 births. Method of Operation: When the baby is 6-10 weeks old [...]

Inborn Genital Anomalies

Hipospadias is a genital abnormality in which the urine hole is not at the correct place on penis. It is seen once in every 300 men. The mostly seen one is the one close to the edge (glandular) and the least common type is perineal. When patients have hypospadias, they usually have a band that [...]

Hand and Microsurgery

Surgical Interference: The method of treatment usually depends on the type and location of wounds, the time of accident, the skin condition etc. Particular conditions like tendon and nerve cuts require immediate and serious action. The basic principle is to render the hand as functional as possible. The most common method is basic tendon incision. [...]

Diabetes Foot and Pressure Sore Treatment

In case of diabetes, it is ratherdifficult to treat the wounds and the healing takes a long time. Diabetes usually damages cells and causes wounds and vein problems to appear on the legs and feet. If the treatment is not successful, the patient might lose his/her organs. Pressure wounds, muscular problems, and nerve diseases might [...]