• Reason of Application:

    Such operations are applied for the removal ofdermal abnormalities on the body, stains on the face,acne,wrinkles around the mouth, razor blade marks and burn scars.
    Method of Operation:
    The operation is carried out with the help of special equipment that is connected to a motor. The rotating heads of the device correct scars, operation marks, and acnes etc. to render the skin smoother.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The maintenance of sterile hospital conditions is ensured during the surgery. The patient is put under local anaesthesia. For superficial dermal cases, one session is usually enough. However, deeper and bigger scars require two or more sessions. The duration between two sessions cannot be shorter than 6 months. The post-surgery wounds disappear between 7 to 14 days. The patient is supposed to use high-factor sun protection cream.
    Treatment of Vascular Lesions (Shcylerotherapy, Kriotherapy, Laser)

    Reason of Application:

    Telangiectasia are small, dilated blood vessels that can be either inborn or formed during life. They can be eliminated by means of different treatment methods.

    Method of Operation:

    Telangiectasia is usually accompanied with varicose on the legs, so the patient must be examined by a vein surgeon and physician before the surgery. The varicoses can be treated either with surgery or with drugs. Laser is used for the finishing touch to maintain an aesthetic effect. The laser rays are absorbed by the blood in the vascular lesions and turn into heat and  the vessels shrink and disappear.
    Other methods of treatment are cryoteraphy (freezing), cycleroteraphy, laser, and surgical excision.