• Burn Injury and Scar Rehabilitation

    Reason of Application:

    Burn injuries and scars can only be treated after the wound is closed entirely and does not bear any roughness and itching. As the wound heals, it might form irregular contours – sometimes as a result of unparallel sutures.

    Method of Operation:

    A scar can basically becorrected by an incision along its outer contours – an operation which would facilitate both reshaping and relieving the tension created by the sutures. The tension created by the sutures can also be treated by expanding the tissues. The tissues are expanded by using a balloon under the skin. The balloon is inflated with serum and as it enlarges, the skin above also expands. Then the balloon is removed and the expanded skin is used to cover the area where the scar had been removed.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The duration of the surgery depends on the diagnosis andthe type of scars. You can get detailed information from your doctor.