• Reason of Application:

    The functions and features of laser use have widened due to rapidly developing technology which facilitates faster and more effective treatments. Laser technology can remove wrinkles, freckles, sun stains, moles, and tattoos.

    Method of Operation:

    Laser peeling is applied with the help of carbon dioxide. The skin to be treated is peeled. The peeling process is particularly effective for the fine lines around the eyes and the mouth.  It can also be used for anti-aging purposes for the entire face. Laser peeling is sometimes used as a supplementary process for face and eyelid surgeries.
    Laser treatment can also be used for varicoses on the legs. The required equipment for such operations areKPT 532 nm and 1664 nm YAG laser. The area to be treated is desensitized with an anaesthetic cream.
    While one or two sessions are enough for wrinkle treatment, acne and traumatic mark treatments may require up to five sessions.