Surgical Interference:

The method of treatment usually depends on the type and location of wounds, the time of accident, the skin condition etc. Particular conditions like tendon and nerve cuts require immediate and serious action.
The basic principle is to render the hand as functional as possible. The most common method is basic tendon incision.

The mobility of the muscles is transferred to the bone by mobilizing the tendons. The mobility of the bone depends on the joint movement. If tendons are cut, the bones cannot be mobilized. Additionally, there are some other factors that affect the function of tendons. These are the integrity of the bone, the condition of the joint, the condition of the skin and nerve tissues. For a detailed damage inspection all these factors must be considered.

Method of Operation:

Whether the surgery is done immediately orafter some time depends on the type of injury. When it comes to nerves or vein cuts, immediate action must be taken. Before performing a hand surgery, its whole structure must be examined in order to see whether a healthy operation can be carried out.
During the surgery, appropriate sutures must be used for all the injured parts. The durability of these sutures must be stronger.
The injuries that are characterized by tendon, vein and nerve smashes are harder to treat. In some cases, the surgeon transfers tendons, veins and/or nerves from other parts of the body and fixes them by using grafts. When there is tissue loss, the tendon-shaped prostheses with silicone structure are implanted and the tendon cover will be formed in 3 months. In the second surgery the prosthesis is removed and tendon graft is implanted.

After Surgery:

The hand must be stabilized in order to facilitate the healing of the tendons, nerves and veins. After a while, the patient can do a few passive movements which are facilitated by some auxiliary equipment. In the latter stage, the active moves start according to the recommendations of the surgeon.
The treatment continues with physiotherapy after the surgery. Early attempts to move the hand might result in ruptures.