• Reasons of Application:

    Breast augmentation is a surgery applied to locate prostheses called “silicone implants” under the breast tissue or muscle. It is applied in the following cases:
    •    to enlarge the breast size if a female patient finds her breasts too small
    •    to increase the breast volume that diminishes after pregnancy
    •    to equal the size if the two breasts have different proportions
    •    to reform chest deformities.
    Breast augmentation surgery not only enlarges the breasts, but also lifts them. The surgery definitely increases one’s self-confidence and enhances the appearance.

    Method of Operation:

    Two kinds of prosthesis fillings are used for the operation: serum or silicone gel. Silicone implants can be classified according to the shape (round, anatomic, personalized), texture (textured or smooth), or size (350 cc, 400 cc, etc.). The quality of the silicone implant depends on the brand. In the USA, the implants must be approved by FDA and the patients are provided with a list of approved brands.

    The breast prosthesis can be located in three ways: incision through the nipple, below the breast or in the armpit. The patient chooses among these techniques on being guided by the surgeon. Breast augmentation surgery can also function as breast lifting for sagging breasts. The operation leaves a barely visible scar
    The operation does not affect pregnancy and lactation, nor does it hinder the routine breast control. The implant does not have an effect on development of cancer.
    Patients are put under general anaesthesia before the operation. In some cases, local anaesthesia or sedation can be used.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The operation takes 1 or 2 hours on average. The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the very same day and can return to the daily life.  The bandages are removed within 2 or 3 days and the patient starts using a specially-designed bra recommended by the doctor. The doctor applies two medical dressings and uses absorbable sutures. The post-operation scars disappear completely in 6-8 weeks. Although the aesthetic and anatomic results are positive for most of the patients, the operation prevents mammogram. Still, women prefer this operation in order to feel confident and enhance their look. The operation proves to be successful if the patient is happy with their new appearance.