• Reason of Application:

    Lipofilling is an operation of filling up facial features with one’s own body fat instead of using a chemical fillings or implants. This is a highly efficient procedure as produces natural results. The skin looks younger, smoother, and more vibrant.

    Method of Operation:

    The fat used for transfer is extracted from any part of your body by liposuction, and it will be injected where needed. Both areas are cleaned and locally anaesthetized before the liposuction. The fat absorbed is processed and injected to the receiver area by special systems. There might be local swellings after the filling procedure.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The time of recovery might vary from one year to longer depending on the patient’s condition or the procedure. The swellings and other physical complication begin to disappear in six months. During this period, the injected fat begins to settle. The injections can be repeated after three, six, and twelve months. The initial injections cannot be applied more than twice or three times a year. The following injections can be applied once a year.