• Reason of Application:

    The reason of applying forehead lift is to prevent the formation and deepening of lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, and the descent of the natural hairline. The method is mostly applied to patients who are above 40.
    Method of Operation:
    There are two basic methods:  the classical method and the endoscopic face lift method which requires minimum cutting. The incision is unrecognizable because it is hidden inside the hair. The forehead skin is stretched and the eyebrows are lifted. In the endoscopic method, the skin is incised in three or four places and the forehead is elevated and stabilized with absorbable sutures.


    Patients are put under general or local anaesthesia before the operation.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The patient is prescribed pain killers and antibiotics. Patients usually feel numbness which decreases in a few weeks. The patients are suggested to keep their heads elevated to prevent swelling. The face is likely to look tired, pale, and swollen. This look disappears within a few weeks.  The sutures are removed in 5 days. Since the endoscopic surgeries are less traumatic, healing and returning to the normal life will be faster. The patient either  spends a night at the hospital or is discharged.