• Reason of Application:

    When a woman’s breast is removed due to cancer or other reasons, psychological disorders or even depression might arise only to affect an individual’s personal, domestic, and sexual relations. Breast reconstruction can reverse this situation because it is possible to reconstruct breasts by using natural tissue (such as muscle skin or fat from other parts of your body), breast prostheses, or a combination of the two. The operation increases patient’s health-related quality of life.
    Method of Operation:
    The reconstruction operation can only performed after the mastectomy. The patient is examined by an oncologist and a plastic surgeon. The medical history of the patient is reviewed to check the type of breast cancer and radio-therapy results. The consultation process might result in postponement of the reconstruction operation.

    The operation must be performed in a way that the two breasts are symmetrical. Mammoplasty might be used for oversize and sagging breasts. Patients are put under general anaesthesia.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The patient is discharged from the hospital in 3 to 5 days unless an unexpected situation occurs. The stitches are removed in 7 to 12 days. The complete recovery duration is 6 weeks.
    The patient goes through regular controls so that doctors can observe the recovery period and the operation results. In order to make sure that there are no other local formations in the remaining breast tissue or breast wall, additional examinations like mammography can be performed.


    The breast reconstruction operation leaves some thin scars which become less and less visible after 6 months up to a year.