Hipospadias is a genital abnormality in which the urine hole is not at the correct place on penis. It is seen once in every 300 men. The mostly seen one is the one close to the edge (glandular) and the least common type is perineal.

When patients have hypospadias, they usually have a band that lies between the hole and the edge of penis which is called the “chordee”. This band causes forward bending of the penis during erection. This can be fixed during the surgery.

The patient must be examined for other organ abnormalities regularlyand go through intravenous pyelogram. Among the probable abnormalities are undescended testicles, kidney abnormalities, hernia and other inborn abnormalities.The structure of the penis of a patient with hypospadias is also different.


The penis should reach to a sufficient size before the surgery. It is recommended that children that have hypospadias are not circumcised. The skin to be circumcised will be used during surgery to form the new urine channel or to cover the front of the penis.