• Lyra-i™ is a long pulse duration Nd: YAG laser and hair removal, vascular lesions and non-ablative skin rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation) is also used with success. A combination of three important process that can successfully single laser.

    Why to choseLyra ?

    • User space is large
    • Epilation
    • Telangiectasias thin blue veins up to 4-5 mm diameter to be used in a very vascular lesion
    • The treatment of fine wrinkles by increasing collagen production of the subcutaneous tissue available
    • In all three areas mentioned above are also available on the FDA approval is effective,
    • The risk of side effects is very low compared to other lasers,
    • The browser, such as coolant for the comfort of the patient and the practitioner because it contains all the parts,
    • Laser is a continuously renewable in accordance with technological developments,
    • Laserscope laser is the most preferred, especially in the world because of pigmentation changes.

    According to Lyra’s what you like about the other hair removal lasers have advantages and disadvantages. As is known, Nd: YAG laser wavelength of 1064nm. From the absorption curves of laser rays in various tissues of Nd: YAG laser epilation of melanin absorption is lower than that used in other lasers. However, at the root of the hair removal process, affected the desired cells containing melanin. Then the laser beam must first inebilmesi here.

    It does not serve the purpose on the surface of the high absorption of melanin, not only causes skin burns and pigmentation changes. Melanin is the highest wavelength absorption of ruby lasers is the reason why now disuse. Nd: Yad laser epidermo dermal melanin cells in the most intense impact of the merger after passing the line indicates the lower regions.

    A high output power of Nd: YAG laser hair follicle below this level do not have high enough power to be reached, both the unwanted hair and will descend to minimum damage to the skin. Low melanin absorption Ruby, Alexandrite, such as energy transfer devices with much higher than can be easily compensated.

    Therefore, the Nd: YAG laser should be preferred when selecting devices with high output power. Lyra i 900 J up to removable devices are available today in the most powerful of the energy transfer. The biggest disadvantage of fine hairs in the point of the idea that prolonged the duration of hair removal. But the probe has a scanner and adjustable thanks to the width of the spot I like that she has a problem.

    Vascular Lesions

    Here again, the device wavelength characteristics have made it functional. Low absorption of melanin, going deeper and absorption in the blood is sufficient for a wavelength of vascular lesions is currently the most successful laser lyra. Thick and thin, and superficial veins to deep veins running deep inebilme feature is running, the active power and ability to achieve the effective pulse duration due to feature all kinds of devices can be used with success in the vascular lesion.
    Low absorption of melanin than skin deep within the target tissue and the beam landing provides high powers, this time as well as skin burns, crusting, pigmentary changes, such as is caused to descend to a minimum of side effects.
    Vascular lesions, although it is not successful absorption of hemoglobinlazerlerdeki problem is that too high melanin emilimlerinin. Here, the energy absorbed into a vein before they reach the melanin cells in the skin lesions it causes undesirable. (Diode, Alexandrite)