• Reason of Application:

    It is applied to patients who are not pleased with the shape of their eyebrows.

    Method of Operation:

    There are two methods: the classical method and the “hanging” method. The hanging method is more commonly-used because the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient does not go through any difficulties. The eyebrow is lifted up by means of the incisions in the hair and it is reshaped as desired. The patient can see the eyebrow position on a mirror and state his/her preference. The wrinkles around the eyes can also be corrected by this method.

    The classical method requires longer incisions around the eyebrows and the marks of the operation are visible on a larger area. It is not very common because it leaves marks on the skin.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The operation takes about 20 minutes and the patient is put under local anaesthesia. The patient is discharged from the hospital on the very same day.