General Medical Treatments

Enhance your look, Enhance your life.

Abroad, the best centers of all the aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive operations carried out with success. Patient satisfaction of primary condition to consider. Patients who receive each issue in collaboration with your doctor to ensure conscious lendirip no doubt some decisions necessary for the success of operations.

Applying advanced operation techniques. All operations and attempts are realizing a full-fledged modern hospital environment. Evaluate the current state of the rate of profit and loss for the patient and the person is better able to satisfy the conditions of operation suggest the patient. Success criterion is proportional to the ability of the people happy.

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3D Digital Mammography with Tomosynthesis

A key for early breast cancer detection 3-dimensional digital mammography device with tomosynthesis provides three dimensional imaging with low dose of radiation, playing an important role in early diagnosis of breast cancer. The images produced by the 3-dimensional digital mammography device with tomosynthesis increases diagnosis reliability. A series of digital images of the breast, taken [...]

Breast Health Center

Acıbadem Breast Health Centers provide advanced diagnosis and treatment services for breast cancer, embracing a multi-disciplinary approach backed by advanced technological infrastructure and specialized physicians. Our centers have extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Breast conserving and oncoplastic surgery operations are performed at our Breath Health Centers as well. Furthermore, Acıbadem Breast [...]

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery department of Acıbadem Hospitals Group takes pride in delivering exceptional service to patients through specialized physicians and health care professionals, by utilizing advanced diagnosis and treatment methods together with products of advanced technology. Our Cardiovascular Diseases departments closely monitor academic developments in this field, and organize training seminars to raise public awareness regarding [...]

Cell Therapy Center

The Cell Therapy Center provides services in the stem cell field which has been named as the “state of the art medical treatment products”. Gene therapy and tissue engineering applications are performed in the center. Treatments are applied through patient-specific protocols and with a multi-disciplinary approach thanks to the cooperation with hematology, immunology, oncology, radiation [...]

Excimer Laser

This procedure reshapes the cornea to correct vision problems including short sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Which diseases does it treat? It is used to treat short sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. How is it implemented? A thin flap is created on the cornea after which the excimer laser reshapes the cornea to correct the [...]

Foot and Ankle Surgery

The Acibadem Healthcare Group Foot and Ankle Surgery sections handle treatments for degenerative diseases of the foot and ankle, sports injuries, fractures, torn ligaments and cartilage injuries. DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT SERVICES: Various methods are used in the treatment of foot and ankle problems at the Foot and Ankle Surgery Clinic: Torn ligaments and cartilage injuries, [...]

Genetic Diagnosis Center

Hospital Labgen is one of the leading establishments in the field of genetics in Turkey. Hospital Labgen provides diagnoses of genetic diseases and preventive services including genetic consulting, pre-natal and post-natal genetic diagnosis, embryo selection, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. Hospital Labgen embraces a standard based approach to service. Broad spectrum and varying parameters are examined [...]

Heart Health Center

With physicians and health care personnel who are specialists in their respective fields, Acıbadem Heart Health Centers are committed to providing advanced diagnosis and treatment services. The Heart Health Centers embrace a multi-disciplinary approach, where, several medical specialties are gathered under a single roof to assess patients’ complaints and to offer appropriate treatment methods. Academic [...]

Obesity Center

Obesity, which may be experienced due to a number of reasons, poses a threat for several organs of the body. Therefore, treatment for obesity must be planned and implemented within the scope of a multi-disciplinary approach, where multiple medical branches work in collaboration. Obesity Center is one of the selected centers in Turkey that has [...]

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group use small amounts of radioactive tracers to diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases, and provide accurate images of distribution these materials within the body. Unlike other types of radiologic examinations which focus on anatomical details of organs, nuclear medicine diagnostic procedures provide imaging based on the function [...]


Central Pathology Laboratory of Acıbadem Hospitals Group comprises subdivisions of macroscopy, routine histology, cytology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and physicians’ studies. Additionally, each hospital of our Group is equipped with a pathology unit that operated in association with the central laboratory. Our laboratories are technically equipped to process all samples received during the day, and to perform [...]

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group intensively utilize advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as state-of-the-art technological instruments to provide outstanding service. Physical therapy and rehabilitation physicians and physiotherapists of our departments serve patients with a wide variety of complaints (such as lumbar pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.) on a daily basis. [...]

Prostate Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center

Despite its small size, the prostate is one of the organs that commonly cause problems in the male body. Although prostatic diseases are usually observed in mid-fifties, they may cause problems in young male adults, as well. In our Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Diseases, contemporary medical and surgical treatments of all prostate [...]

Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Center

At the Acibadem Hospitals Group Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Center should and elbow arthrosis, rotator cuff disorders, recurring dislocations and disorders caused by overuse and trauma are treated through arthroscopic and open surgery methods DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT SERVICES: In the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery department, diagnosis and treatment services are provided with the most current [...]

Vascular Surgery

At the Acıbadem Healthcare Group Vascular Surgery Department; all diagnosis and treatment applications (medical, surgical and endovascular – balloon angioplasty/stent) are available for blockage and narrowing of arteries, veins and lymph circulation systems in the cranium, chest cavity and other circulation systems that are not responsible for the circulation to the heart itself. DIAGNOSIS AND [...]