• Reason of Application:

    The skinappearance can be enhanced by removing the topmost layer of skin which is damaged by lesions, acne marks, sunspots, uneven pigmentation, and other abnormalities.

    Method of Operation:

    The most common peeling agent used for surface peeling is a group of acids called Alfa Hydroxyacids (AHA) which is naturally found in fruit. This group of fruit acids involve glycolic acid which is extracted from sugar beet juice.
    With the help of glycolic acid, the epidermis is peeled off for regenerating the skin through the growth of new cells from deeper levels.
    Superficial peeling is applied for the treatment of fine wrinkles formed by the sun, uneven pigmentation, and acne marks. The skin gets softer, smoother and shiny. Deep peeling is applied to patients with wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and heavy sun damage. Phenol and TCA (Trichlorasetic acid) are used for these types of peelings.

    The doctors must examine the patient’s history and decide on the appropriate peeling duration and depth according to the patient’s age and skin type. Patients with the following histories should avoid chemical peeling treatment:

    • Active herpes,
    • Wounds on the skin or small cracks,
    • Recent surgery (open wounds),
    • Previous peeling or Dermabraison application to the same area,
    • Recent radiation treatment,
    • Use of Roaccutane in the last six months,
    • Recent biotherapy,
    • Excessive sun burn.

    Wintertime is considered to be ideal for peeling treatment, since sun protection is of great importance after the operation.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    The skin must be prepared for the peeling at least for 2 weeks by using a product recommended by the doctor. The skin can be peeled off more than once – six or seven times on average. The use of a gel, cream or lotions to facilitate the regeneration of the skin is highly recommended by the doctors.
    In other cases, TCA or phenol is applied to the entire face in 1-2 hours. The treatment is applied in hospital conditions and it can be applied only once. The use of sedatives might be necessary. The skin regeneration starts within five to ten days when TCA is used as the peeling agent. This period is seven to twenty-one days with phenol. The use of phenol might create the complications of rash and erythema.