• Reason of Application:

    Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery done to re-shape the nose. The size, the tip, the nostrils, the naso-labial angle, any nasal deviations, or the bridge can be changed during the surgery. The aim is to re-construct the nose so as to make it fit the face.

    Planning the Operation:

    The doctor asks about the patient’s opinion before the surgery. The photos of the patient are taken from different angles. The photos are transferred to a computer in order to generate the post-surgery images which allow for a comparison between the patient’s ideas and the outcomes. If need arises, the patient is informed about an additional operation to re-align the profile.

    Method of Operation:

    The operation takes about two hours, though it might last longer in some cases. The skin is peeled off the cartilage and the bone. The bones and the cartilage are re-shaped according the patient’s preference and the operation techniques. The excess tissue is removed most of the time, but in some cases it used as a filling material. The incision can be either from the nostrils or from the columella. After the operation, a cast is put in order to encase the new structure of the nose.


    Patients are put under general or local anaesthesia before the operation.

    Operation and Time of Recovery:

    During the first 24 hours after the operation, the nose swells and lightly bleeds. The patient can apply ice packs to the swollen area. It is highly recommended that the patient stays on bedrest for three days with the head leaning backwards.  The swelling and the bruises disappear in 2 weeks. The nose gains its final shape within 6-12 months.