• At the Acıbadem Healthcare Group Vascular Surgery Department; all diagnosis and treatment applications (medical, surgical and endovascular – balloon angioplasty/stent) are available for blockage and narrowing of arteries, veins and lymph circulation systems in the cranium, chest cavity and other circulation systems that are not responsible for the circulation to the heart itself.


    The Acıbadem Healthcare Group Vascular Surgery Department provides diagnosis and treatment services for the following disorders:

    Blockage and narrowing connected with hardening of arteries
    For the treatment of this condition therapy and exercise, regular walking exercises, interventional treatment (balloon expansion with surgery or angiography and/or stent installation), expanding with balloon and implanting stent, bypass surgery and endarterectomy procedures are utilized.

    Buerger Disease (thromboangeitis obliterans)
    Diagnosis is made by examination and MR/ BT angiography. Treatment includes banning smoking, protecting hands and feet from trauma, (vein expanding) medications, surgical or chemical sympathetic blockage.

    Sudden vein blockages (emboli, thrombosis)
    Treatment can include removing the clot and restoring circulation by surgery or aggressive clot dissolving medication. If there is underlying previous stenosis and these treatments do not achieve the desired results, surgery like bypass can be resorted to.

    Diabetic foot
    Diabetes patient can have difficulty healing and infection problems connected with diabetes. A diabetes patient with vein blockage based on hardening arteries, accompanied by other diseases like diabetes, who have wounds or gangrene on their foot are not diabetic foot patients; they are peripheral artery patients with diabetes and their treatment needs to be planned accordingly.

    Carotid artery patients (narrowing or blockage of carotid artery)
    Various methods like Doppler sonography, MR Angiography, CT Angiography and conventional angiography are used in the clinical examination. The treatments are medical, surgical and interventional radiological.

    Aneurisms (Expanding, ballooning of veins)
    Small scale aneurisms are monitored by ultrasound at 6 month or 1 year intervals. When there is a sudden increase in diameter, additional tests or invention may be needed. Open operations or the closed “endovascular” method is used.

    Chronic vein failure and varicosis
    Color Doppler ultrasound is used for diagnosis; radiofrequency, laser, sclerotherapy and if necessary surgery methods are used for treatment.

    Deep vein thrombosis and lung embolism
    Diagnosis can be made with a venous Doppler ultrasound in the leg, a contrast tomography of the lungs and MR. Treatment can include methods like the use of varicose stockings to immediately dissolve the clot when caught within the first month and blood thinning medical treatments are also available.