• Cardiovascular Surgery department of Acıbadem Hospitals Group takes pride in delivering exceptional service to patients through specialized physicians and health care professionals, by utilizing advanced diagnosis and treatment methods together with products of advanced technology.

    Our Cardiovascular Diseases departments closely monitor academic developments in this field, and organize training seminars to raise public awareness regarding cardiac health.


    Cardiovascular Diseases departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group provide services in the fields of pediatric cardiovascular surgery and adult cardiovascular surgery.

    Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

    Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group utilize advanced diagnosis and treatment methods to provide care services for heart diseases of newborns and children.

    Our Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery departments address heart diseases encountered in children; in particular, congenital heart diseases, rheumatic heart diseases, and disorders of cardiac rhythm and conduction.

    Adult Cardiovascular Surgery

    As in all our units, our Adult Cardiovascular Surgery departments utilize advanced diagnosis and treatment methods backed by academic expertise to provide their services through specialized physicians.


    da VINCI

    Developed by NASA to enable surgeons on earth to operate on astronauts in space, the ‘da VINCI’ robot, operates through micro incisions and enables 3 dimensional imaging. Thus, even the most difficult operations are performed with ease. The robot only requires a physician who guides it through a console located outside of the operational zone.

    It is used in several areas; primarily urology, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, ear-nose and throat and gynecology.