• At the Acibadem Hospitals Group Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Center should and elbow arthrosis, rotator cuff disorders, recurring dislocations and disorders caused by overuse and trauma are treated through arthroscopic and open surgery methods


    In the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery department, diagnosis and treatment services are provided with the most current knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach.

    Tears in the shoulder region, impingement syndromes and recurring dislocations can be treated with entirely arthroscopic surgical methods. In addition to bone protection methods, prosthesis applications are also used in these areas.

    Due to its nature, the elbow joint is susceptible to movement loss. Fractures in this area and complex injuries like dislocations with fractures can be treated at the clinic with the least loss of mobility. Current methods and arthroscopic surgery is applied to treat tendonitis and epicondylitis in the elbow area.