• Central Pathology Laboratory of Acıbadem Hospitals Group comprises subdivisions of macroscopy, routine histology, cytology, histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and physicians’ studies. Additionally, each hospital of our Group is equipped with a pathology unit that operated in association with the central laboratory. Our laboratories are technically equipped to process all samples received during the day, and to perform all pathological tests at the highest standards of quality.


    In addition to standard procedures, tissue and cell samples to undergo pathological examination are examined by means of supplementary techniques such as histo (cyto) chemistry, immunohisto (cyto) chemistry, immunofluorescence and FISH, some of which require utilization of advanced technologies under the light of today’s scientific developments.

    Our pathology department works in close collaboration with our genetics laboratory, and has access to advanced molecular pathological techniques such as PCR or cytogenetic analyses. All of these facilities allow compliance with today’s scientific developments at the highest level. A specific type of pathological laboratory procedure called the “frozen section”, or, pathology consultation during surgery, requires the pathologist to come to the operating room during the surgical operpation. This examination, which aims to provide the surgeon with the information he needs to decide on the extent of the procedure, is among several other pathology services which is available to be performed at any time in all hospitals of Acıbadem Hospitals Group.

    Telepathology System

    With the aim of further enhancing the standards of our works in the field of pathology; a “telepathology system” has been established between all hospital units and the Central Pathology Laboratory. This system allows consultation with the physician at the end unit, with respect to macroscopic or microscopic examinations for the tests carried out the central laboratory, or other laboratories of Acıbadem Group’s hospitals.

    Quality Control

    By taking standard control cases as a reference depending on the nature of the examination, procedures carried out by various divisions of the laboratory are controlled by technicians or the physician in charge of each procedure, or group of procedures. In cases where conformity with a positive and/or negative standard sample cannot be obtained, the steps are repeated until conformity is achieved.


    The Central Pathology laboratory is organized with a capacity of handling approximately 50,000 biopsy and approximately 60,000 cytology examinations per month. In addition to samples coming from hospitals and medical centers of Acıbadem Hospitals Group, the Central Pathology Laboratory accepts samples from other hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices as well.