• The Acibadem Healthcare Group Foot and Ankle Surgery sections handle treatments for degenerative diseases of the foot and ankle, sports injuries, fractures, torn ligaments and cartilage injuries.


    Various methods are used in the treatment of foot and ankle problems at the Foot and Ankle Surgery Clinic:

    Torn ligaments and cartilage injuries, common problems in the ankle joint, can be treated with closed – arthroscopic methods.
    Achilles tendon injuries can also be treated at the clinic using closed methods. Arthroscopic repair methods (microfracture, mosaicplasty, cartilage patches and cartilage transplant) are applied to cartilage problems in the ankle joint.

    Dislocation in the big toe (hallux valgus) and other toe deformities can be treated with corrective surgery.

    The ankle prostheses that are used in advanced ankle deformities and flatfoot operations are performed in the clinic.
    Other non-surgical methods like medication, injections and platelet rich plasma (PRP) applications are also used in the clinic