Reason of Application:

This operation is applied when breasts grow excessively due to hormonal disorder or giving birth. The only possible way to solve the problem of excessively-grown breasts is to apply an operation, not the use of drugs or hormones which fail to enhance or reduce the size. During the operation, not only is the breast tissue normalized but also asymmetry and/or sagging is corrected.

Method of Operation:

The breast size is reduced by taking off the excess tissue, fat, and skin. The nipple is re-located and re-sized so as to maintain its original shape. The most effective method of operation in order to obtain the best result is chosen during the pre-operation examination with regard to the breast size, the size and location of the nipple, patient’s age and personal preference.
One of the cutting techniques is “vertical (single cut) technique” which is applied for extremely big and/or sagging breasts. Another technique is incision through the nipple and it leaves a barely visible scar. This technique is only applicable for moderately oversized/sagging breasts.
The mammary ducts can be protected by up to 80-90% when modern breast reduction methods are applied. Nonetheless, extremely oversized breasts might require removing too much tissue and this might cause lactation problems in the future.
Patients should remember that oversized and sagging breasts cause many health problems; among them are back pains, anatomic and psychological dysfunctions, and fungi and rashes under the breasts.


Patients are put under general anaesthesia before the breast reduction operation.
Operation and Time of Recovery:
The operation takes 3 or 4 hours on average. The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the very same day. The time of total recovery is 7 to 10 days. The doctor applies two medical dressings and uses absorbable sutures. The post-operation scars begin to disappear. The operation affects the lactation in different ways: there might be no change at all or the lactation might decrease or even stop. Pregnancy or breastfeeding possibly grows the breasts, but they never become as oversized as they used to be before the operation.