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Medical assistance across the whole of Turkey, including all Turkish Ports

Our medical team is ready to meet the expectations of your valued cruise guest as well as your crew members with medical care and coordination services of the highest standards.

We have a large medical team of medical escorts for medical escort missions within Turkey and abroad. Medical escorts carry along the necessary medical equipment according to the patient’s disorder, ensuring safe repatriation and delivery of the patient to home country. Our medical professionals minimize any risks and complications that may occur on a repatriation flight. With our wide service network of medical professionals, we can also provide medical escorts who speak the native language of the patient.

With our experienced doctors, our service network located all over Turkey provides organization of services for patients at the comfort of the patient’s home or hotel. When the need arises, our doctors arrange transfers of the patients to the most appropriate medical centers through contact with the first responders at the scene. Our professional support is offered to the treating doctors at healthcare centers where the patient can receive appropriate treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

According to the demands of our patients or their relatives, transfers to the airport, hotel and hospital are provided by us. The domestic requirements for the patients outside the hospital, with regard to convenient hotel reservations for the patients and their relatives, and miscellaneous requests are provided by us in a tailor-made manner. We also provide accommodation for medical escorts and ambulance crew as the need.

With its extensive network, IMS Assistance provides guidance services to our patients at the pre-hospital stage, at the time of admission to the hospital, during the course of hospitalization, and after having been discharged from the hospital. Our knowledgeable medical interpreters, assist the patients with their medical needs and miscellaneous requests.

All large hospital networks in Turkey. Common Ambulance Services Discount Agreements.

In order for the medical condition of the patient to remain stable, medical support and/or lying down on a stretcher on the flight may be necessary. Direct flights to the required destinations are found when possible and the necessary arrangements are made through the contracted airline and ground handling. Integrated with the stretcher, the necessary privacy and the required medical apparatus, the patient receives the most convenient and comfortable services on a flight. The accompanying medical team on the flight can fulfil the patient’s medical needs and any other support. You can contact our team at the call center 7/24 with regard to any questions you may have in this regard.

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Medical consultancy and repatriation advice

Our medical team at I.M.S. oversees any decision regarding medical repatriation or referral to another hospital.When a repatriation request is received, our doctors immediately liaise with the medical team treating the patient and discuss the patient’s condition with the insurance company, in order to decide on the optimal plan for his or her repatriation.

Medical transfer by ground, sea and air ambulance

I.M.S. has agreements with private ambulance companies in all cities in Turkey.

Whenever and wherever required, we are able to speedily dispatch a fully equipped ambulance with a medical doctor onboard.In the event that the patient needs an emergency or long-distance transfer to hospital, we can also arrange air or sea ambulances with specialized medical teams.Our doctors and nurses will accompany patients unable to travel without assistance or who require medical attention throughout the journey.

Medical information and advice

Our team at I.M.S. is able to arrange your guests and crew’s medical appointments as well as answer medically related questions they may have

Medical reports in different languages

Our medical team can arrange for medical reports (i.e. fit-for-duty, fit-for-travel, MMI, etc.) to be issued in the requested language.

Concierge service

As part of I.M.S.’s services and upon request,our travel department is able to arrange for accommodation, transportation, fligh tickets, visas and assistance for patients’ relatives and friends.

Cost Containment

Our cost containment department, which was established with the purpose of bringing under control the costs of services rendered by hospitals and healthcare institutions, utilizes doctors and a medical team specialized and experienced in the field of cost containment. The costs invoiced by hospitals and institutions undergo numerous controls and are assessed in detail in accordance with their correlations with the diagnoses and treatments given.

Our team, which places a great effort in order to prevent high costs, aims to obtain quality services with the most reasonable costs. The incoming invoices are integrated into our system automatically and are compared with the pre-agreed discounted prices by the system. Once the system reveals the results, the file is evaluated in detail and item by item by our doctors. One of the most important points that is paid attention to in cost containment is to have the institution, from which services are obtained, designate prices reasonable and appropriate with regard to quality and treatment contexts, so that cost containment will be accomplished. Another important point in cost containment is our partners´ demands, to whom services are provided.

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